Saturday, July 11, 2009

Affordable Art?!

"Simple/Complex 1-20" from the series "Simple Things for Complex Times."

In recent months there have been a great amount articles, blogs, e-seminars, and conversations about the art world surviving the current economy. I know many supporters of the arts and collectors are frustrated. In an attempt to allow more people to have access to art, I made a series (titled Simple Things for Complex Times)of 20 small mixed media paintings that are available at Lyndsay McCandles in Jackson,WY. Here is a link to an article on Tammy Christels' Jackson Hole Art Blog about the work and my motivation behind it:

All 20 works are priced at $199.00. The pieces are titled Simple/Complex 1-20 and are mixed media on canvas done in 2009. The sizes are 6"x6" squares and 5"x7" or 7"x5" rectangles depending on orientation. Again did I mention that all of the works are $199.00?

I wanted to have a chance for people on my mailing list to snatch up a piece before they are all gone. If you would like to purchase any of the works please call Lyndsay to make arrangements at 307.734.0649.

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Tammy Christel said...

Hey, Matt--Tammy Christel here. thanks for sharing your work with us and for checking my Examiner page. FYI, I'm quitting that site but am going strong on my Jackson Hole Art Blog --

And the same piece is posted there.