Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Art Cards!

So the economy is really bad, people are tense, and life seems a bit bleak for many. As a way of something positive, I am going to give away 2"x3" mini paintings to anyone who wants them. Each piece is completely unique. I got the idea from Lyndsay McCandless who is doing a first Friday featuring free art cards.Feel free to pass this on to others who may appreciate it.

All you have to do is send an envelope to me with a SASE inside and I will send you the piece.
Send to:Matt Flint
512 S. 3rd
Lander, WY 82520

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mixed Media Works on Paper/Board

I have wanted to do some work that would combine the surface complexities of the oil paintings with a more immediate drawing like investigation. By using collaged layers of semi transparent papers and applying only water based media, I found I could layer up, manipulate, and quickly respond to ideas.

The results of my experimenting are three new pieces that are going to the show in Pella, Iowa. They are all 30"x22" collage, copy transfer, acrylic, gesso, and pencil on board.