Thursday, July 22, 2010

Risk (Last two works for Fridays show)

So a little backstory first...I dropped of 11 works at Visions West Gallery in Livingston MT last week.
When we started looking at the space, we decided that  it needed more work!  I had two pieces at the Denver location of Visions West Gallery, so after my vacation in Estes Park last week, I dropped down to Denver and picked them up.

We got home on Monday and I put the two pieces in the studio and then made the fatal mistake of unwrapping them.  As I looked at them, I felt that they were not in line with the other work for the show, so I started painting on them again.  If you are a painter you understand this whole thing.

Yes there is/was a certain amount of risk involved by messing with two perfectly fine paintings before a show, but I couldn't help myself.  As an artist if I am not taking risks then the work gets stale and formulaic.  So the two pieces below are reworks...I think they are better paintings!

Desert Horse
48"x48"   2010
Available at Visions West Gallery, Livingston, MT

After the Long Winter
29"x35"    2010
Available at Visions West Gallery, Livingston, MT