Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Works on Paper

I had some collage/mono prints laying around in the studio that I really liked, but thought they could use something more. I worked back into each of the prints and added the birds. There is something quite nice and fragile about them. I really enjoy the contrast between the subtle value of the black ink and color/texture of the oil paint.

All of the works are 14"x11" on Rives BFK paper. The titles are Listening I, II and IV (don't ask what happened to III.) The work is available through Stewart Gallery.

A special thanks to Stewart Gallery for a successful show in October!

Listening I

Listening II

Listening IV


Ryan & Jennifer said...

Nice little paper pieces! I like the mix of different medium. Your work has such a deep, thought provoking feel.
Keep me updated on what you are doing.
Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Rasmusson

Patrice said...

I bookmarked your blog quite a while back - and then lost track of where I'd "filed" you.

It was the bird series that got my attention. I'm into birds myself, and I think of them as listeners.

Great work.