Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Social media has finally caught up with me so I broke down and got a Facebook page for my art.
I need 11 people to confirm my blog on networked blogs on Facebook so that when I post here, it automatically posts to the Facebook page.

On the lower left of the blog please click on the Networked blogs follow this blog button.  If you are wanting to network your blog, I would be glad to return the favor.



robin peterson said...

Hi Matt, so I'm new at this too, but I got the link to Networkedblogs from your post so the least I can do is follow yours! By the way, adding the little widget thingy isn't difficult, then you don't have to wait for folks to start following. and..... not least, I really enjoy your images, thanks!

Judy Shreve said...

I love your work! Connie Norman suggested your fb page to me -- but I had already discovered your blog & web page. Inspiring! (I've added you to my blogroll) www.mountainhousestudios.com

sonjia said...

hi Matt, great as always to see your work, very wintry. Glad we are into summer though it is hot.
be well,Sonjia